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How do cockroaches get in the house? Why do They Come in?

Cockroaches at home

Having cockroaches in your house may make your stomach drop. These pests can spread diseases and aggravate allergies. However, once they build a territory in your home, getting rid of them is a daunting task.

It’s a bit simpler to get them out of your house at the early stages than dealing with an active infestation. Therefore, it is important to know the main reasons why cockroaches enter your house in the first place. This article highlights the 10 main reasons why you might have cockroaches.

divider 5 The 10 Reasons Why and How Cockroaches Get in the House

1. Food

Food is the main thing that attracts cockroaches as they can eat anything available. A cockroach is an opportunistic eater that can eat all foods, including what humans eat and even what we may not even think of as foods. They also eat non-food materials like plastic glue, animal waste, and paper to spoil everything.

Looking at what these pests eat, it seems that they are a threat to either dirty or clean homes at any time. Therefore, there are several food sources in your house that you should take a keen look at. However, the kitchen is the most vulnerable area for cockroaches to infest. The main reason is that we prepare, store, and place our foods in the kitchen.

2. Water and Excess Moisture

Cockroaches like humidity as they need water and moisture for their survival. Surprisingly, cockroaches are cold-blooded animals hence can survive for an extended period without food. Nevertheless, these small creatures can’t survive even for a week without water.

Thus, anytime you see cockroaches in your house, then check if they can access a water source in your house. The sources could be leaky pipes, bathrooms, standing water, and laundry areas.

wastewater coming out from pipe
Image Credit: analogicus, Pixabay

3. Shelter or Hiding Places

Cockroaches are nocturnal creatures that can hide out of sight during the day and come out at night. However, they can suddenly appear during the day.

Mostly, cockroaches hide and bread in dark, humid, and warm places near water sources and food. Notwithstanding whether your house is dirty or not, cockroaches find your home very conducive. This is because many hiding places are close to water and food.

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4. Newspaper and Corrugated Cardboard

Cockroaches are attracted to paper and corrugated cardboard for a specific reason. Paper absorbs the chemical pheromone they secrete; hence, they use it to communicate with each other. Basically, the paper helps them look for each other and organize themselves.

Think of replacing your cardboard boxes with plastic bins. Also, do not keep cardboard products in your bin. Avoid keeping newspaper piles in your room or near.

Image Credit: Pixabay

5. Drains

Cockroaches are very cunning to the point of crawling out through pipes and drains, a common in apartment buildings using drain pipes as pathways. Cockroaches survive and reproduce in temperatures above 45 degrees Fahrenheit. Therefore, summer and late spring are high times to watch and guard your drains.

6. Cracks in the Foundation and Exterior Walls

Although some breeds of cockroaches grow to a pretty big size, some can still make it through cracks and openings even 1/6 of an inch wide. Therefore, any opening in your exterior walls or building’s foundation is a welcoming point for cockroaches. Any other openings around windows, pipes, vents, etc., may also allow cockroaches to get in.

large crack puncture hole in a white ceiling wall. could be a leak and in need of renovation and fixing
Image Credit: Ursula Page, Shutterstock

7. Under Doors

Under doors are the most common ports for cockroaches’ entry due to the attraction of the light from inside the house. The space is usually large enough for the pests to slip through.

8. Allowing Kids to Eat Outside of the Kitchen

When you allow your kids to hover around the house as they eat, they can drop some particles that accumulate and later attract cockroaches. Although minute they may seem, the smell of such particles can contribute a lot to cockroach manifestation.

Little Girl eating watermelon
Image Credit: Pixabay

9. Leaving Pet Food Out

Cockroaches like cat and dog foods. If you have a cat or dog in your home, do not leave their food out to feed throughout the day. Besides, feed them twice a day and take the remains when they are done. Keep your cat and dog food in a covered container rather than a bag or box. If your pet spills food on the floor, collect and wipe it up well to not attract cockroaches.

10. Leaving Dirty Dishes in the Sink

Cockroaches do not have any choice when it comes to food. They can eat anything from meat to grains; therefore, any waste left on dirty dishes can attract them. However, most people prefer leaving dinner dishes in the sink and cleaning them in the morning. Cleaning dishes immediately after use is the best idea for bug prevention.

Image Credit: laterjay, Pixabay

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How do you prevent cockroaches from infesting your home?

Are you tired of these nuisance pests? Here are the best solutions to keep cockroaches away from your house. Since cockroaches are tireless scavengers, they like eating protein, sugar, and carbohydrates. However, they can eat anything that comes their way. Below are some of the best ways to keep cockroaches away from being attracted to your house:

  • Clear food remains. Clean up any leftovers on tables, desks, and kitchen counters. By doing so, you will ensure there are no food particles around as cockroaches need only small amounts of food. Therefore, any liquids, powders, or crumbs can attract them.
  • Remove liquids. Ensure there are no waters around from sinks to buckets. Though cockroaches can survive for a week or two without water, they will eventually need it as long as there is a high moisture content in their food.
  • Rinse and remove cans, bottles, and plastic containers. Remains in these containers can attract cockroaches. Whether you throw them into a recycling receptacle or garbage, this does not stop cockroaches from moving from your dustbin to your house. Therefore, ensure that the containers are always empty and clean.
  • Store food away. Food scent can direct cockroaches to your house or business. Avoid this attraction by keeping food in tightly closed containers. Also, ensure the containers are well protected as cockroaches can chew through them.
  • Empty garbage regularly. Garbage bins offer cockroaches an opportunity to various foodstuffs, especially for restaurants and eateries. Although you can make food inaccessible to cockroaches, this cannot prevent them entirely. If no other options are available, cockroaches can chew anything from glue to paper to even another cockroach. Keep an eye on your garbage to ensure that it is always empty.
  • Maintain a clean environment. As for any pest problems, one of the most effective ways to keep off cockroach infestation is by maintaining a clean environment, especially in kitchens and any other food storage and handling areas. Ensure there is no debris and waste around, mainly during the night as this is their active time.
  • Declutter. Cockroach droppings have pheromones that signal their colleagues that they have identified a safe place to live. To prevent the accumulation of cockroach droppings, get rid of clutter from your house. This includes specific items such as cardboard, old newspapers, stacks, and packaging.
  • Seal entrances. These are many places around your home that allow cockroaches an easy way in. They may include bathroom cabinets and kitchen sinks. Seal any cracks and crevices that you may find.
  • Regular maintenance. Regular maintenance prevents cockroaches from getting access to your home. Since pipes and drains are the most comfortable habitat for cockroaches, arrange for regular maintenance of damaged pipes and blocked drains.

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divider 5 Bottom Line

If you want to prevent a cockroach infestation in your house, avoid the mentioned reasons in this article. Nevertheless, use the preventive measures highlighted above if these pests are already at your home now. Otherwise, we would advise you to get a pest control operator to deal with the problem.

Featured Image Credit: RHJPhtotoandilustration, Shutterstock


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