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Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower Review 2023 – Pros, Cons, & Verdict

Echo PB-580T

Echo PB-580T 58.2 CC Back Pack Blower

Editor Rating: 4.8/5

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Review Summary

Echo has been a longtime favorite in the industry for producing high-quality and dependable tools. Many customers, especially professionals, enjoy Echo products because they are long-lasting, reliable, and highly powerful. Although their products often come with a higher price tag, they are highly impressive and perform wonderfully.

One of their most popular products is the Echo PB580T Backpack Blower. This backpack blower provides high power blowing abilities that can move leaves and twigs thanks to its 2-stroke engine. By using gas as a fuel source, this blower can produce air speeds of 215 mph, making it fast-acting and powerful.

Like other Echo products, this backpack blower is a bit pricey. Still, professionals, which this blower is marketed for, will enjoy the power and durability of this backpack blower. On the other hand, residential users might want to select a less powerful and less expensive blower for their yards.

All in all, the Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower is highly impressive for professional use. To find out more, read on.

Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower – A Quick Look


  • 215 mph airspeed
  • Highly powerful
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Translucent tank
  • Tube mounted throttle
  • 5-year limited warranty for residential use
  • 2-year limited warranty for commercial use
  • Expensive


Brand Name: Echo

Model: PB-580T Backpack Blower

Power Source: Gasoline Powered

Weight: 27.9 lbs

Dimensions: 21.2” x 19.3” x 15.8”

Maximum Air Speed: 215 mph

Engine: 58.2cc

Two-Stroke Engine

The Echo provides high power blowing features. It includes a 58.2 cc 2-stroke engine with a tube-mounted throttle. This allows it to deliver 510 CFM and 215 MPH blowing impact. If you don’t know what a 2-stroke engine is, then know that it will produce higher blowing power.

At the same time, a 2-stroke engine helps your blower last longer. You can rest easy, knowing that you can use your blower for more intensive blowing needs since the engine will last regardless. Even if it is dropped or used less gently, the engine remains powerful and intact.

Power Source

This blower backpack uses gas power. Echo recommends using a 50:1 ratio of fuel to oil mix for its engine. They also recommend only using fresh gas with a minimum octane rating of 89 or higher at all times.

It has a translucent fuel tank capacity of 62 ounces. This tank capacity means that you can use the blower for a long time before you need to refuel its gas. Meanwhile, the translucent design makes it easy to know when you need a fill-up.


One of the biggest problems with backpack blowers is that they are often uncomfortable. Due to their heavyweight and uncomfortable design, it can be hard to use them for long periods of time. Luckily, this Echo backpack blower is designed with comfort in mind.

Despite its power, the Echo backpack air blower is also comfortable to wear. The backpack is designed to be durable yet compact. This means that you can easily move the backpack around your yard without any additional or excessive weight.

The backrest and shoulder straps also provide comfort. They are pleated with high-quality, comfortable materials that mold to your body. In fact, the back pad even comes with a ventilation system that blows air, keeping you cool during hot weather.

This backpack’s comfort feature is great for anyone who has back or neck problems or who needs additional support.

5-Year Limited Warranty

Although many backpack blowers do not offer a warranty, Echo provides its customers with a 5-year limited warranty if used for residential use. This means that Echo will fix your backpack blower within the first 5 years of purchase if the customer doesn’t cause the issue.

However, if you use this product for commercial use, it only comes with a 2-year warranty due to its more extensive use. Still, this is more impressive than most other commercial-grade blower warranties.


It is a good thing that the Echo backpack blower comes with a warranty because it is highly expensive. This backpack blower is much more expensive than other models typically used for personal use. For this reason, this backpack blower is a premium option that many people will find out of their budget.

However, if you intend to use this backpack blower for professional use, then the cost shouldn’t be as much of a concern. It’s high power and durability make it worth the cost if you use it professionally or frequently. Still, regular users will find this price highly expensive.

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Is the Echo backpack blower easy to use?

This Echo backpack blower is easy to use, setup, and run. Its translucent take makes it easy to know how much gas to use. More so, the throttle is tube mounted, making it much easier to start and access. The blower also comes with a set of instructions that are easy to follow and understand. Professionals will especially find this leaf blower easy to use, but beginners might need to get the hang of it.

Is the Echo backpack blower good for beginners?

The Echo is designed for professionals, but beginners can use it, too. You need to read the instructions carefully and make sure that you know what you’re getting into with this leaf blower since it is so powerful. If you are a beginner using it for residential use, you might want to opt for a less expensive and less powerful option because this one simply might be out of your price range and offer too much power.

What is the emission compliance period?

The emission compliance period is 50 to 300 hours. This means that the engine emissions output meets applicable emissions regulations as long as the maintenance procedures are followed.

What the Users Say

We wanted to know what other users thought about this Echo backpack blower, so we took online reviews. Here is what we found:


The reviews for the Echo backpack blower were wildly popular. With a 4.5+ star rating on every site, it is no wonder that most users loved this backpack blower.

Most users complimented the high blowing power of the blower. Both residential and professional users were satisfied thanks to the 2-stroke engine. Professionals were especially quick to praise this blower since it could handle high power blowing for long periods of time.

Users were also a big fan of the comfortability that the blower offers. The lightweight and additional support made the blower highly comfortable, even for older users. Overall, most users found this blower completely powerful but comfortable at the same time.

Better yet, we found that users who had used this blower for many years are still satisfied with the product. This means that the blower is highly durable and useful after many years of use. You can get your money’s worth with this product, according to many longtime users.


Though this Echo backpack blower was largely praised, there were a few drawbacks. As you probably expected, some users were not a fan of its high price. Those who used it for residential use were especially not satisfied with the high price tag, saying you could get the job done with a less expensive model. The price was about the only drawback that we found mentioned more than once.

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The Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower is a high-power blower that offers great professional blowing capabilities. Although it is on the expensive side, professionals will be wise to select a blower of this caliber because it can move anything from leaves to twigs with ease and last for a long time doing it. Although residential users might want to select a more budget-friendly option, this backpack blower is excellent, nonetheless.


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