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10 Wallpaper Trends in 2023 – Design Ideas for a Modern Home

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If you are thinking about replacing the wallpaper in your home, you likely know that a huge selection of choices is available to you. More choices mean there is a better chance that you will find exactly what you need. However, it can also mean that what you need is buried under old and out-of-style brands. If you need help focusing on the current trends, you’ve come to the right place. Keep reading as we look at several popular wallpaper trends in this year to help you find something that you really enjoy.

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Nature-Inspired Designs

1. Blossom Wall Mural

bathroom with floral wallpaper
Image Credit: Grace Kelly, Unsplash

Among the most popular wallpaper trends in this year are nature-inspired designs, and the blossom wall mural  is a perfect example of how attractive these can be. This design works well with naturally colored furniture in varying shades of greens and browns. It can be challenging to install but is well worth the effort.

2. Etsy Hummingbirds and Flower Wallpaper

A great example of a nature-inspired wallpaper design is the Etsy Hummingbirds and Flower Wallpaper. It’s easy to install and is quite attractive. The neutral colors make it suitable for various rooms around the home.

3. Peacock Wallpaper

Peacock Wallpaper is a great example of a nature-inspired design that will look attractive in any home. The intricate design is sure to be a conversation starter, and the dark color helps create a more relaxing atmosphere.

4. Decor8 Wallpaper

Decor8 wallpaper is an extremely attractive nature-inspired wallpaper. This design utilizes trees instead of animals. The colors are grey, black, and white, so there shouldn’t be any conflicts with other items in the room, and you should be able to work it into the most colorful designs.

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5. Dotted Wallpaper

Dotted wallpaper is a perfect example of a minimalist wallpaper that is a trend this year. It uses a simple design that won’t call attention to itself but will help make your room look better. The small dots will also help make the room feel larger and more comfortable.

6. Herringbone Pattern Wallpaper

Herringbone pattern wallpaper is a great example of the current trend of using minimalist wallpaper. This design is attractive and bold, but it won’t interfere with your color scheme or look out of place.

7. The Pattern Collective Machair Wallpaper

The Pattern Collective Machair Wallpaper is a minimalist design that shows how versatile this style of paper can be. The pattern is easy to work into any design, won’t interfere with your color scheme, and will improve the appearance of any room that you install it in.

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8. Dark Green Wallpaper

living room with green interior
Image Credit: Devon Janse van Rensburg, Unsplash

A current trend in modern wallpaper is to use the color green in your design, and Burke Décor Rinku Wallpaper is a perfect example of how to do this. This accents the dark green color with gold to create a wallpaper that would go nicely with wood or other natural colors, like brown and beige.

9. Arthouse Tropical Wallpaper

Tropical wallpaper is an excellent example of how you can mix nature-inspired designs with the current green trend to create something modern. This design will look great in any room, but it’s especially well-suited to areas with wood furniture.

10. Palomas Green Botanical Wallpaper

If you desire to be trendy but like multiple colors, the Palomas Green Botanical Wallpaper design is for you. It has plenty of green that will keep you in line with current trends, but the other colors, like purple, will help add more color to the room while remaining surprisingly flexible. Once installed, it will also add more depth to the room, giving you the feeling of more space.

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Wallpaper Trends

Nature-Inspired Designs

Nature-inspired designs are a huge hit right now, and many people are installing them in children’s rooms, closets, and rooms where they keep caged pets, like birds and ferrets. These designs typically have shapes of animals or plants on them, but there aren’t many colors. The patterns shouldn’t distract from other things in the room unless it’s an intricate mural-style design that attempts to do more than a standard wallpaper by providing an artistic focus.


Minimalist wallpaper uses a low-key design with neutral colors. The design typically sticks to geometric figures to create simple patterns that won’t distract the room’s occupants. Minimalist wallpaper is a great choice when you have many other artistic or colorful items to add to the room that might clash with a busier wallpaper.


While a green designation usually points to something being environmentally friendly, in this case, it means that there is a current trend of green-colored wallpaper. Green is a great color to pair with earthy tones like brown, beige, and tan, so it’s a perfect choice when there is wood involved in the rest of the décor. Green also pairs well with white, so it’s ideal if you have white countertops or white framing around your windows.

divider 7 Summary

Nature-inspired designs are the most popular right now. They can help your room feel larger. Minimalist designs are frequently trending because they work in almost any situation without clashing with the other colors or objects in the room. If you are not sure what you want, a minimalist wallpaper will have a better chance of being something that you like.

Featured Image Credit: brizmaker, Shutterstock


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