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13 Free DIY Wooden American Flag Plans You Can Build Today (with Pictures)

Wooden american flag

Wooden american flag

Americans have always been known for their deep sense of nationalism. The pride for their country couldn’t be symbolized any better than through the American flag.

The Fourth of July celebration of independence is one of the most patriotic days of the year. If you are looking for a great way to decorate your home this year, whether it be for this holiday or for the entire year, you may want to look into making your own American flag.

We have compiled a list below of 15 plans that teach you how to make a wooden American flag. All of them come with instructions and some of them with tutorials for how to DIY your own American flag today.

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The 13 Free DIY Wooden American Flag Plans

1. DIY Patriotic Wood Flag from Her Tool Belt

DIY Patriotic Wood Flag
Image Credit: Her Tool Belt

We start our list off with a straightforward design that comes out looking exactly like the flag should. It is an easy design made by the creator of Her Tool Belt with thirteen different slats. It is set in a frame to give it an organized look and keep everything together. The paint is distressed to give it a more rustic feel as well.

2. DIY Planked American Flag from Maison dePax

DIY Planked American Flag
Image Credit: Maison de Pax

We have put in colorful designs, unique designs and realistic ones. This plan combines most of these with the overall shape and the stars and stripes being arranged traditionally. If you have more of a rustic tone in your home, or are trying to keep with a certain color palette, this works well. It has a neutral color palette to work well anywhere all year round. Get the design from Maison dePax to add it to your decor.

3. DIY Wood-Burned American Flag from Modern Builds

DIY Wood-Burned American Flag
Image Credit: Modern Builds

Wood burning is an interesting hobby that people use to design wood. It might involve a small wood burning kit made to carve intricate charred patterns. In this project, though, it is a little less intricate and the burning is done much quicker. The outcome is beautiful, with rich colors being expressed in a new way on the flag. The design comes from Modern Builds where they supply a helpful video as well.

4. DIY Rustic Wooden American Flag

DIY Rustic Wooden American Flag
Image Credit: The Carmichael Workshop

Another project that involves a blow torch. This American flag is easy to make from basic materials found at any home goods store. The plans come from The Carmichael Workshop and are no-fluff easy-to-follow guidelines to help you make your own. And don’t worry, the blowtorch is optional.

5. Handmade Wooden American Flag from Hoosier HomeMade

Handmade Wooden American Flag
Image Credit: Hoosier Homemade

You might want to show your patriotic side without having a huge flag being the center of attention on an entire wall. This flag is a god decoration that can be out all year and be inconspicuous and cute. Or it can be easily stored if you have other decorations to come out after the holiday. Check out the plans from Hoosier HomeMade to make it yourself.

6. DIY Patriotic Pallet Flag from The Magic Brush Inc

DIY Patriotic Pallet Flag
Image Credit: The Magic Brush Inc

If you are all for recycling and reusing materials when the crafty feeling comes on, this may be for you. Try to make this historically-based flag from an old wooden pallet. By taking the pallet apart, you already have most of your pieces you need to finish the project. The stores in the blue corner are an optional design and can be done a variety of ways, as seen on The Magic Brush Inc.

7. A Different Sort of DIY Flag from Dorese’s Pieces

A Different Sort of DIY Flag
Image Credit: Dorese’s Pieces

Shooting for an even smaller, unique design to set out as a table design? Try this flag from Dorese’s Pieces. Instead of involving a lot of cutting wood and fitting it all together, these pieces are stacked on top of one another. Craft paper can be used to decorate the outside. Find the details of the design on Dorese’s blog.

8. DIY American Flag from Kreg Tool

DIY American Flag
Image Credit: Kreg Tool

This stained flag design is similar to some of the other framed wooden flag designs that we have featured before. The biggest difference is the unique color palette that this designer has created. The instructions given by Kreg Tool are about as detailed and straightforward as you could find.

9. DIY Americana Painted Shutter from Gotta Have Projects

DIY Americana Painted Shutter
Image Credit: Gotta Have Projects

Although shutters are not as common on newly designed homes, they were of functionable importance for older homes. Now they may be used only for exterior decoration, or left out entirely. This means that there are a lot of old shutters out there looking for repurposing. The crafter from Gotta Have Projects has turned hers into a creative and unique-looking American flag.

10. DIY 2×4 Decor American Flag from HowDoesShe

DIY 2x4 Decor American Flag
Image Credit: HowDoesShe

Cute and easy is the name of the game with this design. This is something that once the blocks are cut is fun to do with your kids. It mostly involves small pieces of wood cut into blocks, crafting paper of different colors and some ribbon. Beyond that, the crafter from HowDoesShe added some stencils for the single star and the “Happy 4th of July” message across the bottom. It is an easy design to put your own twist on.

11. DIY Firecrackers from My Talking Walls

DIY Firecrackers
Image Credit: My Talking Walls

What else is more heavily associated with Fourth of July celebrations than the flag other than fireworks? Combine the two in this firecracker flag design. It makes the perfect porch decoration during the time of the year around the holiday. Towards the end of the blog from My Talking Walls, the creator has even attached a YouTube video link to guide you through her process.

12. DIY American Flag Paint Stick Project from Glue Dots

DIY American Flag Paint Stick Project
Image Credit: Gluedots

Perhaps you aren’t looking for an intricate design to take up several days of garage time. If you simply want a holiday activity for you and your kids to do together, this is a great choice. The material list is mostly made up of paint sticks. From there, use some red white and blue paint and form or paint the stars. Let them get creative by sticking their own holiday message on the bottom as well. Find the step-by-step instructions at Glue Dots.

13. Rustic DIY Flag from My Repurposed Life

Rustic DIY Flag
Image Credit: My Repurposed Life

Take repurposing to an all-new level with this inspired project. The creator was lucky enough to get an old fence from one of her friends. However, keep in mind that just about any old wood works for this project. Some people may be able to find old barn wood or a piece of an old shed or palette. Read the story behind the project and get her how-to instructions at My Repurposed Life.

Featured Image Credit: Sides Imagery, Pexels


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