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How to Hang Wreaths on Windows: 6 Expert Tips

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When the holiday spirit starts to beckon, you start to fret about your decorations. Christmas lighting is its own beast, but wreaths are an important festive touch, too. With beautiful bows, mistletoe, and other possibilities, never pass on hanging some wreaths on your windows.

It’s not always obvious how to hang them, but we’ve got the best tips for your wreath hanging this season. Let’s dive in with some tips for hanging wreaths below.

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How to Hang Wreaths on Windows

1. Adhesive-Backed Strips

These are a staple in any renter’s household because they don’t cause damage to drywall, masonry, or window frames. They’re perfect for hanging up most wreaths, but heavier ones might give you trouble.

These strips can’t hold that much weight, so we wouldn’t trust them for precarious upper-story windows. They might just be the perfect tool for outer first-story windows, though! Simply peel the backs off and press where you want them, but make sure the provided hook is pointed the right way.

2. Screw Hook

Screw hooks are a more permanent way to decorate your house, and they come in various colors to even match your paint job or trim. They make convenient holders for wreaths, Christmas lights, as well as other seasonal decorations throughout the year.

The best part about screw hooks is that, in most cases, you don’t even have to drill a hole at all. For example, vinyl siding is very easy to punch a small hole in to insert the hook securely.

screw hook, Jumpstory

3. Ribbon

Ribbons are possibly the best way to hang a wreath if you have top-opening windows. You simply loop the ribbon around the top of the wreath, then on the top of the window from the outside. This is a classic Christmas look, especially if you’re decorating with lights too.

4. Suction Cup Hook

Suction Cup Hook
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Best known as shower allies, suction cup hooks are ideal for window decorating too. Just pop them on the surface of the window with the hook facing the right way, then hang the wreath on the hook. Not all hooks are made the same, so be sure to check your hook’s packaging to check its weight limit before use.

5. Floral Wire

Also called paddle wire, floral wire used to hold flowers together can be used to hang wreaths on single-hung windows. You loop the wire through the wreath, then have someone hold it while you grab the ends from the other side. This method hinges on the wires being secured to the bottom window. Floral wire can also be used to secure floral arrangements to your wreath as well if you’re so inclined.

6. Fishing Line

This method also uses two screw hooks. Put the hooks into the top and bottom of your siding, then tie the fishing line taut between the two hooks. Hang the wreath on the fishing line and enjoy!

Fishing line is super handy because it’s secure, nearly invisible, and plentiful in the right households. With the right knots, you can hold your wreath perfectly still even on the windiest nights.

Fishing Line, Jumpstory

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Wreaths aren’t the most essential holiday item on their own, but with other decor, wreaths can be just the thing you need to turn your home into a winter wonderland. We’d suggest using some of the easily applied and removed options, like suction cup hooks. Ribbons take a bit more dexterity but look amazing as well!

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